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10 Must-See Newcomers

On 12, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration, Novelties | By Jef DM

In our webshop you will find an extensive range of design lighting, accessories and fittings. New products are added to our range on a daily basis. Because many visitors can no longer see the wood for the trees, we have selected ten new lamps that you simply must not miss.

Artemide Paragon

The Artemide Paragon was revealed during the Milan Design Week 2013. It is the brainchild of the New York architect Daniel Libeskind. Libeskind is one of the main pioneers of deconstructivism – an architectural way of thinking that we also encounter in the Guggenheim Museum. In fact did you know that this man’s architectural firm of the same name is responsible for designing Ground Zero following the attacks on 11 September?

Artemide Paragon

The Artemide Paragon: modern, stylish and user-friendly

This design philosophy is also applied to the Artemide Paragon table lamp. If you arrange the four segments in a vertical line it resembles a modern skyscraper. The first section can rotate 360 degrees, while the other three can be arranged at a 90° angle. Flexibility with a modern twist and a newcomer that you simply must not miss!

Artemide Paragon

If you arrange this table lamp in a vertical line it resembles a modern skyscraper

Foscarini Rituals

This is another newcomer from the Milan Design Week 2013. Rituals is a series of lamps that are based on Chinese lanterns. The glass lampshades are made in such a way that they resemble Washi paper. Combined with the discreet metal feet these lamps appear extremely light. But weighing between three and four kilos you definitely cannot call these lamps lightweights.

To the Foscarini Rituals

Foscarini Rituals table lamps

The glass lampshades in the Rituals series look like traditional Chinese lanterns

The Foscarini Rituals collection comprises pendant and table lamps. The table lamp is available in three different colours that can be used individually or as a series. The pendant lamp is composed from several lamps that create a cloud of light.

Foscarini Rituals pendant lights

Even if they are not illuminated the Foscarini Rituals pendant lamps look fabulous

Terzani Argent

‘A cloud of light’ could also be used to describe this Terzani Argent. The hundreds of metal disks in this pendant lamp create a sublime silver cloud. Because each of the disks is rotated at a different angle, the Argent imbues your interior with a soft, white glow. This lamp is handmade just like the other Terzani models.

To the Terzani Argent

Terzani Argent

Dodo Arslan designed this ‘Argent': a stunning silver cloud of light

Fontana Arte Albedo

Last week we learned about the history of this Italian design lighting manufacturer. We also took a look at several products in its portfolio. The Albedo pendant light was not included in this list.

Fontana Arte Albedo

The Fontana Arte Albedo, a beautiful modern pendant lamp that is also maintenance friendly

As previously mentioned, the company often collaborates with external firms when designing its lamps. In this case it worked with the Dutch design studio ‘Studio Drift’. Studio Drift was founded in 2006 by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, two students from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

To the Fontana Arte Albedo

Fontana Arte Albedo

The Albedo is based on the slow movements made by jellyfish

De Fontana Arte Albedo is made from a metal frame covered with white fabric. The fabric can be easily removed and is even suitable for machine washing. So this lamp’s design also took into account the maintenance friendly aspect. Albedo was inspired by an installation in Dubai (2012) that in turn is based on the undulating movements that jellyfish use to move through the water.

Marset Nenúfar

De Marset Nenúfar is a pendant light made from a cluster of light-emitting rings. The rings are positioned so that they do not break the beam of light, which as a result is direct, intense and uniform.

Marset Nenúfar

Nenúfar is Spanish for water lily, which served as the source of inspiration for this pendant lamp

Thanks to its special composition it appears as though the rings are hovering in the air. The Marset Nenúfar looks particularly impressive as a series.

Joan Gaspar, who designed this pendant lamp, was inspired by nature. He based the design on a water lily. ‘Nenúfar’ is the Spanish word for this plant.

Moooi Heracleum II

Just like the previous model, the designer of Moooi Heracleum II was also inspired by nature. The Heracleum plant (more commonly known in English as ‘hogweed‘) was the model for this pendant lamp. The lamp itself consists of several light emitting ‘leaves’ that are connected by a thin metal frame. The leaves contain an LED lamp and they can be rotated at will.

This year we were able to welcome the new Heracleum II Small and Big O to this collection. Respectively a smaller model and a variant in the form of a wreath.

To the Moooi Heracleum

Moooi Heracleum II

The Moooi Heracleum II, a design by Bertjan Pot, has a wonderful, organic shape

Tom Dixon Base Copper

Tom Dixon is a very young firm in the lighting sector. The company was founded in 2002 by the British designer of the same name. It produces furniture as well as lighting. One of their best-known products is the S-Chair, a design that has already been copied several times.

Tom Dixon’s lighting products are also doing extremely well. So well that the company has snatched several awards including ‘Designer of the Year‘ from Architektur & Wohnen Magazine and the London Design Museum.

Tom Dixon Base Copper

The Tom Base series has been expanded with a copper version

One of the brand’s latest creations is this Base Copper floor lamp. The Base series has existed for a while but a copper version was recently added. As the name suggests this lamp has a copper lampshade that emits an alluring light. Base Copper is available in three different versions: a table lamp, floor lamp or wall lamp.

To the Tom Dixon Base Light

Diesel with Foscarini Duii Mini

One of the latest offspring from the marriage of Foscarini and Diesel is this Duii lamp. The Duii series was launched in 2011 with the Duii Tavolo but the Duii Mini was recently added. This model has a charming retro look and is reminiscent of the large circular lights used by rally cars.

The Diesel/Foscarini Duii Mini is available as a floor or wall lamp. Furthermore you can choose between two colours: bright yellow or warm grey.

To the Diesel with Foscarini Duii Mini

Diesel with Foscarini Duii Mini

The bright yellow colour of this Duii Mini is perfectly suited to the retro look

Kundalini Peacock

We haven’t yet written a great deal about the Italian Kundalini brand in this blog. However the company has a number of remarkable lamps in its portfolio. The Kundalini Peacock is one of the latest additions.

Kundalini Peacock

Just like a peacock the Kundalini Peacock looks incredibly graceful

This pendant light was created by the Frenchman Noé Duchaufour Lawrance. It is a modern interpretation of the classic chandelier. The twelve metal arms end in white matte glass lampshades with LED lights. The Peacock is available in a white metal or a copper version.

Fontana Arte Row

A new addition that is an absolute must is the ‘Row’ by Fontana Arte. It is an LED table lamp that has been specially designed for workspaces. The arm can rotate 360° for maximum comfort. What distinguishes the Fontana Arte Row is the circular recess at the top of the lamp, which can be used to rotate the light fixture.

To the Fontana Arte Row

Fontana Arte Row

De Fontana Arte Row is een ontwerp van de designstudio ‘Zaven’

Here you go, you are totally up to date with the latest design lighting. Is there a specific lamp you fancy? Please do let us know and keep an eye on our blog for even more novelties.

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