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11 Brand New Desk Lamps To Brighten Up Your Office In 2013

On 09, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration, Novelties | By Jef J

What does your office environment look like? Do you have a clean desk or does it resemble a cluttered mess strewn with paperwork, pens and books? Whatever the scenario, a flexible desk lamp can considerably increase productivity (even though we assume yours is already outstanding). This blog post offers you several stylish suggestions, the latest from the top of the range.

Artemide Paragon

Let’s start with the ‘A’ for ‘Artemide’ and for ‘Awesome, what a cool lamp’. The latest Artemide desk lamp is called Paragon. This supersonic desk lamp will have to measure itself against the famous Artemide predecessors such as the Tolomeo, Tizio and Nestore.

Sometimes the Artemide Paragon looks like a rocket ready for launch, at others it resembles a robot-like bird. All these forms are possible thanks to the 4 segments that are combined with the 3 joints. The first segment can rotate 360° and the remaining 3 segments 90°.

With the latest LED technology, this is an ultramodern desk lamp that will delight you for years. It is available in black and grey, the choice is yours!

Artemide Paragon

Diesel with Foscarini Duii

One lamp that I personally want for my desk is the Diesel with Foscarini Duii. Even though the Dui lamp looks as though it could be a toy, in my opinion it’s cool, modern and stylish. Diesel is still able to surprise us with playful and groovy lamps.

The toy-like character might be attributable to the fact that the Diesel Duii lamp appears to have been constructed from several pieces of Meccano. From top to toe it’s irrefutably ‘Successful Living’. It is reminiscent of the original Diesel icon, the American Indian head with the famous Mohican haircut. Perhaps it will remind you of a retro car headlight or a hardhat, the possibilities are endless.

To the Diesel with Foscarini Duii

Diesel with Foscarini Duii

Flos Goldman

One of our boss’ personal favourites is the Flos Goldman. That was already announced in a previous blog post about the Goldman. This streamlined desk lamp simply oozes class. The fact that it is based on the traditional banker’s lamp with its translucent green shade and brass base is obvious at first glance.

Ron Gilad has given the somewhat boring banker’s lamp a new lease of life. ‘Less is more,’ as we always say in the design world. This means that the Flos Goldman looks fantastic in traditional as well as modern homes.

To the Flos Goldman

Flos Goldman

Fonckel One

It is highly likely that the Fonckel One lamp is the most groundbreaking lamp on this list. With the Fonckel One lamp you literally have the light at your fingertips. How is this possible? Well, with a few well-aimed swipes and strokes on the back of the lamp you can adjust the light’s intensity, the size of the aperture and the direction of the light. When we say swipes and strokes we mean the movements you also use to operate an iPad or other touchscreen.

This Dutch piece of classy design has already been awarded the jury and public award at the Shell liveWIRE awards and it won an award for Good Industrial Design. You can order this touch lamp in white, red or black.

To the Fonckel One

Fonckel One Lamp

Fontana Arte Row

If everything in modern architecture has to be sleek with clean lines then we want to join in. That’s what Fontana Arte must have thought when it designed the Row desk lamp with Studio Zaven. The Row lamp looks something like a ruler that inevitably conjures up images of school.

In the upper arm of the lamp there is an ultrathin LED light source that ensures optimal visual comfort. The hole in the end of the lamp is designed as a handle to turn and direct the lamp. On top of the arm you will find a touch switch with which you can dim the light.

To the Fontana Arte Row

Fontana Arte Row

Kartell Taj

The Kartell Taj abandons the archetypal, hinged desk lamp; the Taj lamp is based on a simple, functional form, which directly covers its practical applications.

The elegant curved form of the Kartell Taj makes it more than just a lamp; it is a decorative element that delivers both on and off the job.

To the Kartell Taj

Kartell Taj

Louis Poulsen AJ

A somewhat older desk lamp, which in my opinion can still be included among today’s youthful desk lamps, is the Louis Poulsen AJ lamp. Here are a few words to describe the AJ: directional light, adjustable head, ideal work lighting, handy size, light so easy to move, design icon, available in a variety of colours.

Do you need any more reasons? I didn’t think so. Arne Jacobsen designed the AJ for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.  This was in 1960. You’d think that those fifty years would have taken its toll, but nothing could be further from the truth. To commemorate the AJ’s fiftieth anniversary five new colours were added to the collection!

To the Louis Poulsen AJ

Louis Poulsen AJ

Lirio Eron

For years, Philips has been known for its reliable, quality products. In fact did you know that Philips is the most advanced company in LED lighting technology? Philips’ design lighting is produced under the Lirio brand name.

The Lirio collection also includes a new desk lamp, the  Lirio Eron. This sleek table lamp with a rotating, circular, LED light source was even commended with an iF Product Design Award.

To the Lirio Eron

Lirio Eron

Luceplan Otto Watt

Why design a lamp that doesn’t improve on its predecessors? That is the line of thought adopted by Alberto Meda and Paolo Rizzatto when they designed the Luceplan Otto Watt. With the Otto Watt they have created a desk lamp that deposes their previous Luceplan Berenice. The head of the Berenice with its 35W halogen lamp also became incredibly hot. With the arrival of LED, burning is a thing of the past.

The Otto Watt makes optimal use of LED technology; it wasn’t used purely to showcase it. The shape of the head is designed so that the heat from the LED light source disperses as quickly as possible. It also gives the Otto Watt a unique look.

Meda and Rizzatto designed a revolutionary, compact, circular LED that heats up to just 37° to 40°. If your language skills stretch to a little Italian you will deduce that the Otto Watt consumes only 8W. The cherry on the cake is the fact that the colour of the LED light source can be adjusted from 2400 Kelvin (warm white) to 3500 Kelvin (cool white).

To the Luceplan Otto Watt

Luceplan Otto Watt

Marset Funiculí

I award the Funiculí the prize for the most complicated name. It is as difficult to pronounce as it is easy to operate. Designer Luís Porqueras has always searched for absolute simplicity in his designs.  In 1979 he succeeded in the art with the first Funiculí standing lamp.

Today, thirty years since it was first launched, the Marset Funiculí is still up to date. In 2013, the collection was extended with a table version. The essence of the design with a double clip mechanism was retained. This means the height of the Marset desk lamp can be adjusted and the head can rotate 360°. It is available in black, white, red, beige and moss green.

To the Marset Funiculí

Marset Funiculí

Artemide Lotek

We started with an Artemide design so why not conclude with one? The Lotek is a playful desk lamp by Javier Mariscal. He designed this rickety-looking desk lamp in 2011. It may look like it is only half built but is incredibly practical to use. Thanks to its numerous joints you can twist and turn the Artemide Lotek any way you want.

It doesn’t seem like it at first glance but the Lotek also has quite some history. This lamp’s DNA is rooted in technological progress, which is expressed in its form, function and materials. Firstly we find the 19th century Industrial Revolution in its base: a primitive iron shape that supports the entire object. The 20th century is represented by the innovative ball joint in the arm of the lamp. Lastly the latest LED technology is used, which means that the lamp also incorporates the 21st century.

Artemide Lotek

Artemide Lotek schetsen

2013 has something to please us all. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or playful and colourful. The aforementioned brands have not overlooked a single request. What’s your favourite?

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