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In Interior inspiration

By Jef J

Artemide Tolomeo – The World’s Most Famous Desk Lamp

On 07, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration | By Jef J

With the Tizio, the Itis, the Nestore and the One Line, Artemide has proven that it is extremely gifted at designing desk lamps. But their best known desk lamp is without a doubt the Artemide Tolomeo. The Tolomeo collection has since its first appearance been a great succes, so the collection expanded to what it is today. A wide range containing desk lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights and floor lamps. Why has this lamp grown to become such a huge success? We’ll take a look at the basic Artemide Tolomeo lamp that started it all.

Why did the Tolomeo lamps become so popular?

View the original Artemide Tolomeo on our website.

Simple and elegant design

It’s not that the design of the Tolomeo is so exceptionally special. But does it have to be? Absolutely not! The beauty of design is often determined by its simplicity. Why do more if you can achieve better things by doing less? Its designers Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina perfectly knew what matters in the art of design. The Artemide Tolomeo lamps are very elegant and sleek. That’s why this popular design is more than often being copied by other brands.

Artemide Tolomeo desk lamp

Slim and flexible stem

Because of its flexible stem, the Artemide Tolomeo can be turned and bend at your wishes. The stem contains three joints. One at the bottom, one in the middle and one on the light diffuser. In addition the light diffuser can be twisted and turned to target the lighting wherever you want it.

Both functional as atmospheric

Thanks to the simple and thoughtful design, the Artemide Tolomeo is extremely versatile. With its round diffuser it provides targetted lighting. Beside that, there is a small hole on top of the light diffuser that lets a small ray of light go through. The small hole prevents too much light contrast to be created. So your eyes won’t be tired out that much. If you finished working and you’re ready to start relaxing, you can aim the light upwards or push the light diffuser completely down and let the Tolomeo provide the room with pleasant atmospheric lighting.

Artemide Tolomeo diffuser

Different installation possibilities

The Artemide Tolomeo is not just an ordinary table desk lamp. No, it has got more to offer. This single Tolomeo lamp can be fixed onto several different types of base. You can opt to fix it into or clip it onto your desk, place it on a longer foot to use it as a floor lamp or install it on the wall.

Artemide Tolomeo wall mount

So many options for one single desk lamp you think? Yes, indeed… If that ain’t sufficient, take a look at the full Artemide Tolomeo range. It offers an abundance of different products going from Tolomeo Terra to Artemide Tolomeo Parete, Pinza and Sospensione. A real design classic is what the Artemide Tolomeo is. Do you think its huge success is justified? Please tell us what you think about the Tolomeo collection?

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Jef J

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Is a young online marketeer at dmLights with a recently obtained love for design lighting and interior design. Other keywords to describe me are football, cycling, music, games, skiing.

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