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By Mitch

The Main Novelties Of The DeltaLight Lighting Bible 10

On 05, Jul 2013 | No Comments | In Design events, Novelties | By Mitch

Last week we were invited to DeltaLight for the presentation of the new catalogue, ‘The Lighting Bible 10′. This Lighting Bible is a hefty tome full of interesting new technologies and products. One of these exciting new designs was the latest, improved generation LED chips. The other main points which we took away from the presentation are summed up in this article.

1. Third generation LED chips which produce more light

Bridgelux Decor Array LED chips

3rd generation LED chips

There was plenty to do – and rightly so – to the third generation LED chips by Bridgelux. In this latest generation the LEDs are oval rather than square. This makes it easy to tell what kind of LEDs you are dealing with. The main advantage of these new LEDs is that they produce more light with lower energy consumption. We are moving towards an energy-efficiency of 90%. So it’s a win-win situation…

Yet these new LEDs need to be treated with extra caution. When calculating how many spots can be placed on a power supply you now have to take both the Wattage and the Voltage into account. This can be attributed to the higher voltage of the new LEDs.

2. New colours available as standard

DeltaLight Bazil Nero

The ‘N’ of Nero (black)

The colour range you can choose from has been greatly increased. This is how the colour ‘Nero’ (almost black) came about, in addition to the colour white for external lighting. In the past lots of colours had to be manufactured upon request, these ones are available as standard since this year. Even if this might make the catalogue a little more complicated, that counts for nothing in comparison with the more efficient deliveries it results in.

3. Sleek LED applications with lenses

DeltaLight Vision

Sleek beams of light through lenses

An intriguing new LED application which fits in perfectly with the theme of architectural lighting. Lenses transform the LED shafts of light into sleek, defined beams of light. The DeltaLight Vision up-and-down-lighter, for example, creates charming light effects on the wall, ideal as modern accent lighting. During the presentation we were told that in the future even more applications with lenses will be brought out. We are curious to know more..

4. Stunning showroom

DeltaLight Toonzaal Wevelgem

DeltaLight Showroom

After a visit to the ultra-chic showroom, you can’t help but fall in love with the architectural DeltaLight lighting. Everything is taken care of right down to the smallest details, all the fittings are nice to look at. The specifications on the walls also inform you straight away whether or not it is a new design. In short, the DeltaLight showroom is a mecca for fans of architectural lighting.

5. Lighting Bible 10 iPad App

DeltaLight The Lighting Bible 10 App

The Lighting Bible 10 App

It was good and interesting to find out that DeltaLight is putting its faith in the mobile internet user. For the first time in history you can visit the DeltaLight catalogue via an iPad application. This app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. It’s a shame that for the time being the app is only available for the iPad. With any luck we will also be able to look forward to an Android and Windows app which can be installed on every mobile apparatus.
Download iPad App

We could already tell that the new DeltaLight catalogue was full of new products when we picked up ‘The Lighting Bible 10′. As of today the term ‘tennis elbow’ can be replaced by the term ‘DeltaLight elbow’. Be sure to let us know which innovations you are most excited about.

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Mitch is one of the lighting experts at dmLights and is occupied with the design & optimization of the webshop as well. His other interests are football, games and movies.

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