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The Highway Of The Future With Interactive Lights By Studio Roosegaarde

On 22, Mar 2013 | No Comments | In Energy friendly lighting, Varia and Fun | By Jef J

How will the future road look like? If it depends on Studio Roosegaarde we will be driving on interactive roads that answer to the current energy challenges. How will this be realized? Well, the Smart Highway project by Daan Roosegaarde includes photoluminous glowing lines which emit the absorbed sunlight at night. Plus, the street lights of this smart roads will only burn when cars pass by, only when it is necessary. Quite intriguing if you ask me…

Awarded as Best Future Concept

The Smart Highway is a clever project by Daan Roosegaarde. To realize this project, Roosegaarde started a cooperation with Heijmans Infrastructure. Being awarded as the Best Future Concept by the Dutch Design Awards 2012, the Smart Highway looks more than promising. The first real life implementation will be tested on a highway in the the province of Brabant in the Netherlands. This will take place in the second half of 2013. I’m curious to see the real life results!

What does the Smart Highway have to offer?

Interactive Lighting

One of the most important features of the road, baring in mind the energy challenges from today, are the interactive street lights that switch on when cars pass by and fade out when they pass by. Imagine the amount of electricity that can be saved by this!

Smart Highway Interactive Lights

Wind Lights

So when there is no traffic, there is no energy consumption. In addition, the road is accompanied of the so called “wind lights” next to the road. These wind lights obtain energy from pinwheels that spin round when vehicules pass by.

Smart Highway Wind Lights

Dynamic Paint

To alert drivers of the temperature dropping below zero, the Smart Highway is painted with temperature-responsive road paint. When temperature goes below zero, the road shows images of snowflakes. You now know when to step off the gas pedal and start being more cautious.

Smart Highway Responsive Road Paint

Glowing Lines

Next to the temperature-responsive snowflakes, the road is painted with photoluminous paint. During the day this paint absorbs the sunlight, at night the paint re-emits this stored light to indicate the driving lanes. This photo illuminator paint can light up the road for up to 10 hours at a time.

Smart Highway Electric Priority Lane

Electric Priority Lane

To meet the potential rise of electric cars, the Smart Highway also provides an extra Electric Priority Lane. Underneath the road surface, this priority lane is equipped with induction coils which enables electric cars to recharge as they drive over.

Smart Highway Electric Priority Lane

Traffic adaptive road signs

Last but not least, the road signs are dynamic. They can be changed according to the current traffic situation. When there is heavy traffic the dotted lines can be changed to continuous lines to prevent cars from switching lanes.

Smart Highway Studio Roosegaarde

Just a matter of seeing the light

The Smart Highway by Studio Roosegaarde is a fascinating piece of modern design. And when there is light involved we always want a closer look. According to designer Daan Roosegaarde, intelligent design is crucial for today’s energy conscious world. “It’s just a matter of seeing the light,” is how Roosegaarde puts it. Do you see the light in this Smart Highway Project?

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