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The Diesel with Foscarini Novelties – Pure Rock And Roll

On 27, Feb 2013 | No Comments | In Interior inspiration, Novelties | By Jef J

Everyone is familiar with the trend clothes of the Diesel brand. But next to that Diesel also offers a range of lighting that perfectly matches the Diesel lifestyle. The Successful Living collection by Diesel has once again launched several new lamps with an unmistakable Diesel style: ironic, uncommon, fun and creative. These novelties were given names like Duii, Heavy Metal, Metal Glass and Soft Power. Especially the Diesel Duii is a real “got-to-have” gadget.


Diesel with Foscarini Duii – Meccano is back!

Diesel with Foscarini Duii

The Diesel with Foscarini Duii lamp was initially launched as a desk lamp but later on a smaller table version and a wall light version saw the daylight. The name Duii is inspired by one of Donald Duck’s nephews. At the same time the lamp foot looks like a duck’s foot which can be used as a handy trinket tray. The Duii makes you think of a toy piece, since it carries several similarities with a Meccano construction. On top of this Meccano-like stem we can find the light source in the shape of a retro headlight. The diffuser then carries the shape of a workman’s helmet but there are a lot of similarities with the Mohican style shaved head of the Diesel logo.

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Diesel with Foscarini Heavy Metal – Rough and yet refined

Diesel with Foscarini Heavy Metal

No, we aren’t talking about the rough music genre. The Heavy Metal is the name of an artisan-made floor and table lamp made from raw metal. This Diesel lamp is hereby unrefined but at the same time refined because of its smooth vintage design. As a result of dipping it in a special acidic bath, the lamp’s surface gets a unique and different finish each time as a result of dipping it in a special acidic bath. This bath accelerates the natural oxidation process and warms up the burnished colour with shades of blue, green and ochre. The Heavy Metal table lamp and three-legged floor lamp are ideal as ambient light because of their soft and warm up- and downwards light.

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Diesel with Foscarini Metal Glass – A marriage between glass and metal

Diesel with Foscarini Metal Glass

Speaking of metal… The Metal Glass is another metallic novelty by Diesel with Foscarini. The Metal Glass emerged from the marriage between the ancient tradition of glassblowing and the industrial appearance of metal. With the Metal Glass the traditional gothic lanterns are completely back. The light diffuser is because of its density almost opaqueness totally unique. This result is achieved by pouring soda powder in a still-incandescent vitreous paste. The subsequent chemical reaction gives rise to countless bubbles that are transformed into radiant particles when the lamp is switched on. The inner pyrex cylinder breaks the light for cozy and soft atmospheric light. The Diesel with Foscarini Metal Glass lamps exist as table as wel as pendant lights.

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Diesel with Foscarini Soft Power – The world of jeans in your interior

Diesel with Foscarini Soft Power

The Diesel with Foscarini Soft Power table lamp is one for everyday use, just like your favorite jeans. Like jeans, the Soft Power has a simple, compact and functional shape. In addition, the used fabric is similar to that of a washed pair of jeans, but softer and lighter. This fabric covers the foot and shade of the lamp and serves as a unique light diffuser. You can choose from the azure blue and the black version.

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Successful Living by Diesel with Foscarini is pure rock and roll design. The Diesel lamps are more than any other brand willfull and fun. For me the Duii lamp stands out. The Duii is playful but at the same time beautiful and functional. If you are a fan of the Diesel clothes, you will probably dig the Diesel lamps as well. Or do you think they are a little too wayward?

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