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Visit to the Moooi Unexpected Welcome Showroom in London

We may talk about lighting to our heart’s content, but ultimately it is the beautiful interior photos you want to see. If you would prefer looking to reading, you will feel totally at home in this article with its great pictures of the Moooi Unexpected Welcome, a showroom with all the innovations of Moooi to mark the occasion of the London Design Festival 2013.

On the occasion of the London Design Festival 2013

The 11th London Design Festival was celebrated in September. The Dutch design brand Moooi did not go unnoticed. The brand put up a magnificent exhibition in its showroom in London. The brand showcased its latest creations for 2013 at the Moooi Unexpected Welcome showroom.

While the festival may already be behind us, the pictures of Peer Lindgreen are a thing of lasting beauty. The showroom is decorated in a realistic, homely manner. Between the Moooi furniture and the Moooi lighting, we find Hans Boodt mannequins and art photography by Levi van Veluw. The result is a very attractive and colourful whole.

The Unexpected Welcome showroom also features earlier Moooi best-sellers, in addition to the recent innovations. Let us show you round a bit…

Moooi Bell Lamp

We see the refined Moooi Bell lamps in front of the bright Moooi Paper Cabinet Patchwork. No no, Easter is still a long way off. Marcel Wanders chose this bell shape as a reference to one of the first and most essential forms of communication. The Bell Lamp offers an attractive, welcoming impression with the playful bow tie, available in white and gold. The glass bell is available in five different colours, namely transparent, white, amber, green and smoked.

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Moooi Bell Lamp

The bells of the Moooi Bell Lamp eyes are fragile but extremely inviting.

Moooi Paper Patchwork

The Moooi Paper collection was expanded with some colourful variations. The collective name for these coloured Paper products is Patchwork. The Moooi Paper Patchwork collection includes a standing, hanging and table lamp. The Patchwork lamps are a nice play on the classic lighting from grandma’s house.

De Moooi Paper collectie werd uitgebreid met enkele kleurrijke varianten. De overkoepelende naam voor deze gekleurde Paper producten is Patchwork. Binnen de Moooi Paper Patchwork collecties zit een staan-, hang- en tafellamp. De Patchwork lampjes zijn een toffe speling op de klassieke verlichting uit grootmoeders huis.

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Moooi Set Up Shade and Paper Patchwork

Moooi Paper Patchwork lamps may for example, offer an orange base with a white hood.

Moooi Construction Lamp

In the following photograph, the Moooi Raimond lamp and the Brave New World lamp immediately catch the eye. However, the latest Moooi creations in this photograph are the two standing lamps at the back, to the right. In these Moooi Construction lamps by Joost van Bleiswijk, the framework and the screws are an important decorative element.

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Moooi Unexpected Welcome

In Moooi Construction Lamps, the screws are intentionally left uncovered, as a decorative element.

Moooi Dear Ingo and Heracleum

The Moooi Dear Ingo and the Heracleum in the following photograph are not new, but still managed to amaze visitors. The Heracleum series has also been expanded with a smaller model with the matching name ‘Heracleum II Small‘.

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Moooi Dear Ingo and Heracleum

Moooi Dear Ingo (left) and Heracleum (right)

Moooi Miyake and Heracleum

Moooi Miyake (left) and Heracleum (right)

Moooi Random Light

Nothing looks as light as the Moooi Random Light.

Moooi Valentine and Raimond

On the left, you can still catch a glimpse of the new Moooi Construction Lamp.

A common thread that runs through the Moooi novelties is undoubtedly playfulness and colour. The designs boldly play with and challenge traditional interior designing. Bold lighting requires people willing to take a risk. Are you a daredevil?

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